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Biblical ,Christian, Religious Mothers Day Quotes And Sayings


Biblical ,Christian, Religious Mothers Day Quotes And Sayings From Daughter, Son and Kids :-

Whichever the religion it may, mothers always have the utmost respect in the respective society. So, we do understand the importance of Mothers in one’s life. It’s also necessary for one to understand what sacred book say about Mothers and so we bring you Biblical ,Christian, Religious Mothers Day Quotes And Sayings  which will help to understand in better sense.

We all know the significance of this day and henceforth we find distinctive approaches to demonstrate our adoration and appreciation towards all the moms around the globe. Henceforth we give all the things that you have to express towards your mother. We have beautiful messages and quotes alongside excellent cards and heart-touching melodies and features. Regardless of the possibility that you need to impart your perspectives on social applications and sites we’ll furnish you with fb messages, WhatsApp messages, spread photographs, tweets and statuses.

Here are some of Biblical ,Christian, Religious Mothers Day Quotes And Sayings   from different religions around the world.


Biblical ,Christian, Religious Mothers Day Quotes And Sayings

Biblical ,Christian, Religious Mothers Day Quotes And Sayings



(1) Religious Mothers Day Quotes And Sayings :-


  • The Bhagavad Gita, Arjuna said:

In the destruction of a family, the immemorial religious rites of that family perish;
On the destruction of spirituality, impiety overcomes the whole family.


  • In Mahabharata, Bhishma said:

The mother is the panacea for all kinds of calamities. The existence of the mother invests one with protection; the reverse deprives one of all protection. The man who, though divested of prosperity enters his house, uttering the words, “O mother!”- has not to indulge in grief. Nor does decrepitude ever assail him. A person whose mother exists, even if he happens to be possessed of sons and grandsons and even he himself is hundred years old, but in the eyes of his mother he looks like a child of two years of age. Whether the mother is able or disabled, lean or robust, the son is always protected by the mother. None else, according to the ordinance, is the son’s protector. Then does the son become old, then does he become stricken with grief,then does the world look empty in his eyes, when he becomes deprived of his mother. There is no shelter like the mother. There is no refuge like the mother. There is no defense like the mother. There is no one so dear as the mother. For having borne him in her womb the mother is the son’s dhatri. For having been the chief cause of his birth, she is his janani. For having nursed his young limbs, she is called amva (Amma). For nursing and looking after the son she is called sura. The mother is one’s own body.


(2) Christian Mothers Day Quotes And Sayings  :-


  • From ‘Woman’ to ‘Mother’, the miracle of childbirth :

The act of giving birth is the only moment when both pain and pleasure converge in a moment of time. It is in the manner of the sharp point of a needle, astride upon that point are both pleasure and pain, simultaneously assailing the female that is undergoing the miracle of childbirth.

This is the only instance where both pleasure and pain work in unison. also a miracle. This is the second miracle.

Before the childbirth, the lady was a woman. After the childbirth, the woman is transformed into a mother. This is a revolutionary act; an evolutionary happening; in the manner of the silkworm getting transformed into some winged angel; a miracle. This is the third miracle.

This experience of transformation into motherhood is a privilege reserved exclusively for women. Men do not undergo such miraculous transformation.

Motherhood is another name of devotion. The selfless love and devotion towards the infant or child are grown from the seeds of innocence; no cunning, scheming, selfish motives here.


  • In the Family unit :

Mother’s time with children, guided by wisdom and properly utilized, lays the proper foundations for nation building. A well-balanced individual with solid psychological foundations is the quality thread that goes into making the fabric of the nation.


  • Wifehood versus Motherhood :

It is in this sphere that Indian thought, with its spiritual view of life, has much to contribute to steady the feet of men and women in East and the West. Motherhood is a spiritual transformation of wifehood. The wife may and does demand and take; but the mother feels it her privilege to give. If woman as wife is socially significant, woman as mother is spiritually glorious. The culture of the Hindu trains him to look upon all women as forms of the one Divine Mother. The mother is more worthy of reverence than father or teacher according to our scriptures.


  • Islamic Views on Mother :

Dutifulness to parents, especially the mother, and treating them kindly is an act of worship enjoined in both the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him). Being dutiful to parents is not confined to a specific time. It is an obligation that should be observed every time, as all people commonly know.

A Muslim must not allow any gap between him and his mother, he must offer her presents every time. This indicates that Muslims can dispense with such an occasion, the Mother’s Day. Unlike the case in the West, where it’s a vogue for some children to show indifference to their mothers’ feelings, and, what’s more, it is so common to see some parents being dragged to infirmaries (as their kids have no time for them), dutifulness to parents in Islam, alongside with worshipping Allah, is a sacred duty.


  • Almighty Allah says :

And We have commended unto man kindness toward parents. His mother beareth him with reluctance, and bringeth him forth with reluctance, and the bearing of him and the weaning of him is thirty months, till, when he attaineth full strength and reacheth forty years, he saith: My Lord! Arouse me that I may give thanks for the favor wherewith Thou hast favored me and my parents, and that I may do right acceptable unto Thee. And be gracious unto me In the matter of my seed. Lo! I have turned unto Thee repentant, and lo! I am of those who surrender unto Thee.


  • Buddhist views on Motherhood :

Motherhood is viewed in Buddhism as a position of high responsibility as well as of respectability. If a woman goes through her household life honouring the responsibilities cast on her as a mother, she can lay claim to honour and respectability in commensurate with the degree of sincerity she has displayed in discharging those responsibilities. It was by highlighting this responsible and respectable position as the mother of man that the Buddha raised the status of women in society.


  • Mother’s Love in Buddism :

Buddhism defines the ideal mother as an example of universal love, the middle way, and bodhisattva path. In patriarchal dominant cultures, this ideal has limited women to the role of self-sacrificing mother, especially the mother of sons. Traditional China is examined as the model of this oppression. Within Buddhist philosophy, everyone is innately capable of transformation and awakening. Although there is no concept of guilt, there is a concept of regret or remorse. Yet in western cultures most people are taught that they are guilty of sin from birth. For women in Christian society, this sin has been passed down through the first mother, Eve, who dared to seek knowledge. However, in Buddhist thought, there is no such taint against women. Nevertheless, patriarchal dominant cultures also adapted Buddhist philosophy to suit their mores. Yet, in spite of these patriarchal constructs of what it is to be a mother, what we learn from our mother, her love and nurturance to us as children, is what makes peace possible. This peace may be achieved through the bodhisattva ideal. In the same way that a mother loves her only child, a bodhisattva loves all beings. She knows the suffering that life promises, the pain and sorrow at the loss of loved ones, the ravages of old age, disease and death. Abodhisattva, whether male or female, returns to reach out from higher rung on the ladder of life and help others.


Biblical Mothers Day Quotes And Sayings :-


  • Biblic views on Mother :

Being a mother is a very important role that the Lord chooses to give to many women. A Christian mother is told to love her children , in part so that she does not bring reproach on the Lord and on the Savior whose name she bears.

Children are a gift from the Lord. The Greek word ‘philoteknos’ appears in reference to mothers loving their children. This word represents a special kind of “mother love.” The idea that flows out of this word is that of caring for our children, nurturing them, affectionately embracing them, meeting their needs, and tenderly befriending each one as a unique gift from the hand of God.


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